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Care for your clothes

We often hear about how fast fashion is destroying the planet because of its massive carbon footprint (which is also  a reason why we support slow fashion), but did you know that 75-80% of the carbon footprint for a piece of clothing comes from how it is taken care of? 
To lengthen the life of your clothes so you can keep them in your wardrobe forever, and at the same time protect the environment, we share with you some helpful tips to help you care for them in a more environmentally friendly way. Much of the wear and tear our clothes face, is due to over washing as well as tumble drying.
First of all, it is often not even necessary to wash our clothes, instead hang them outside in the sunshine! The sun is a natural anti-bacterial, so by letting your garments air out for a day, they will smell fresh and new again. When you have a stain, spot cleaning is a quick fix, without requiring lots of water and energy.
When you do wash your clothes, use cold water whenever it is possible! 90% of a washing machines power comes from heating the water, which means that only 10% of the energy is used to power the motor and actually wash the clothes! That is a lot of power savings to be made without having to sacrifice.
And cold water is just as effective at disinfecting your clothes, it is less likely to fade colors into each other, and it is way better for the environment. Also always turn your clothes inside out. Last but not least avoid using the tumble dryer as the heat is harsh on your clothes. The heat increases shrinkage, fades colors faster and can affect the quality of the fabrics, and it consumes a lot of energy, which is all bad for the environment.